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Being charged with a crime can leave you reeling, wondering what you need to do in order to achieve the most favorable outcome with the least amount of long-term damage to your life and your family. What you need during a difficult time like this is the advice and counsel of an experienced Houston criminal defense law firm. The reputation and knowledge of the firm you choose can make the difference between a future full of serious repercussions and a future filled with hope. The Houston criminal defense firm of Sullo & Sullo is a full-service legal firm with the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully accommodate the needs of their clients.

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If you have been arrested or accused of a felony crime or misdemeanor in the Houston area, you are probably confused as well as very concerned about your future. Above all, remember that it probably NOT in your best interests to speak with the police. The job of a police officer is to gather evidence to build a case against you, and, unfortunately, sometimes this means that rules are bent to the point of breaking and statements you make are taken completely out of context. The majority of people believe if they fully cooperate with the police and answer any questions they are asked honestly, they will be fine, when in reality they are unknowingly providing the police with the very evidence needed to convict them. The Miranda warning exists for a very good reason. Politely ask for an attorney, and contact a knowledgeable Houston criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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Because the State has a monetary advantage in terms of its budget, as well as extensive staff resources, highly advanced crime labs, and access to field experts, the need for an aggressive advocate who brings their own resources to the table is imperative when criminal charges are leveled. Because the clients of Sullo & Sullo come from all walks of life, a law firm which is staffed by high-caliber criminal defense attorneys who work hard for positive results is necessary, and our attorneys can offer you that level of excellence. Our firm has earned an outstanding reputation through a decade of hard work, and we have the knowledge your criminal defense requires. At Sullo & Sullo, LLP, we are well equipped to help those clients who need a comprehensive criminal defense.

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No matter what your criminal charges pertain to, we can help. The short list of criminal charges we have successfully defended include murder, assault, drug possession, DUI, fraud, theft, sexual assault and probation violation, and we are also able to assist those who want to have their prior record expunged. At Sullo & Sullo, LLP we believe that some very important distinctions set us aside from our competition. We are a technologically savvy firm strongly committed to providing an outstanding level of criminal defense to our clients, and have represented over 140,000 clients for more than a decade.


When choosing an attorney to defend the criminal charges against you, make sure you work with someone you fully trust. When you meet with any lawyer, ask yourself if you truly trust this person with your freedom, your rights, your family, your career and your future. Remember that a criminal conviction can have consequences that reach far beyond any punishment announced by the judge. Many careers can be ended by a criminal conviction, and even being accused of a criminal offense can have negative implications on your future career and educational opportunities. The Houston criminal defense attorneys at Sullo & Sullo, LLP will help you successfully navigate the Texas legal system while fighting for the very best outcome in your case. Criminal charges are always very serious, and should be given the focused attention of a highly reputable Houston criminal law firm such as Sullo & Sullo, LLP.

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